Wind Turbine Design Team

2015 Wildcat Windpower Team!

Names (L-R): back row: Hayden Thull, John Annan, Joe Tillman, Steve Debes, Aaron Akin, Peter Jensen, Tim Sample, Justin Currence, Tanzila Ahmed.  Middle row: Ruth Douglas Miller, James Remley, Jake Meyer, Michael Banowetz, David Plenert, Armando Marquez, Aaron Mason, Nick Utt.  Front row: Thomas Umscheid, Shane Smith, Tanner J. Lott, Lawryn Edmonds, Josh Loyd, Lee Evans.


News: we have been selected to compete in the Second Collegiate Wind Competition, to be held in New Orleans at AWEA WINDPOWER 2016, May 23-26.  The 2016 Competition theme is to design and construct a wind-driven power system to supply electricity to non-grid connected device(s) for off-grid applications.

2015 Competition:

We designed a VAWT for the 2014 competition at AWEA WINDPOWER in Las Vegas, and finished 7th out of 10 teams.  Many of us wanted to try again in 2015, so now we are redesigning for competition between 8 of the 10, at NWTC in Boulder, CO 29 April - 1 May.  Maximize power out, demonstrate braking on demand and on loss of load.


Inaugural Collegiate Wind Competition, 2014

Design a wind turbine to charge small electronic devices and test it to specifications.  Four main deliverables:


1) the turbine itself: 2014 wind turbine design

2) an executive summary of our business

3) a business plan

4) a technical design description


Team photos from our inaugural competition at WINDPOWER 2014 in Las Vegas:


 Team presents design to judges

Design presentation before the judges.


Team talks to DOE representatives

DOE contest sponsors visit the KSU display table.


Team at the wind tunnel test

The team watches its turbine under test in the DOE Wind Tunnel.


KSU poses for a team photo

The KSU 2014 Wildcat Wind Team with their turbine.