Kansas Wind for Schools Map

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Colours: yellow=2007-8; red=2008-9, blue=2009-10, green=2010-11, purple=2011-12, pink: 2015.


 Kansas schools with Skystreams we didn't help:

  • Clifton-Clyde High School, Clyde, KS
  • Shawnee-Mission West High School, Overland Park, KS (wind data)
  • Seaman High School, Topeka, KS

Live data can be found at the INL Wind-for-Schools site for many of our schools.


Please, if your school has a turbine, whether or not the WAC helped you install it, and you are interested in sharing your data with other schools, tell us and we'll add you to the map. When your web interface is working, we'll add add a link to it.  If you want to use our data collection and display software, and display your data on our site, visit wind.ece.ksu.edu and download RunWind Beta from the link at the bottom of the page, and contact us for further assistance.