WfS Links

Various wind turbines

These are turbines we think will work for schools, but this is NOT an exclusive list.  Feel free to ask us about any others you may be considering.

  • Skystream 3.7: a 3-bladed 2.4-kW unit by Southwest Windpower with 5-ft blades, generating about $300 in electricity per year.  Our workhorse WfS turbine, and one we have all the data management worked out for.
  • The Airdolphin GTO, a 1.1 kW turbine by Zephyr, with 3 ft blades. It will generate around $150 worth of electricity in a year.
  • The Raum 3.5, a 3.5 kW turbine with 5 blades that are each about 6 ½ ft long. It will generate around $500 or $600 worth of electricity in a year.
  • The Evance R9000, a 5 kilowatt turbine by Evance Wind, with 9 ft blades. It will generate around $1000 worth of electricity in a year.  This one is more pricey than the others.

Wind for Schools data links

  • WfS Information Networking and Display (WIND): energy production from our school turbines.

  • Idaho National Labs Wind for Schools site: live turbine data from several WfS schools. To join this site directly contact the Administrators (upper left corner.)
  • WindInterface software to add your turbine to our database: KSU version is here (link at the bottom of the page):
  • Desktop Widgets (Mac and PC, like those at the top of this page) to watch our turbines' performance in realtime from any computer.
    • PC: The Yahoo Widget Engine is available from, among other places.  It is no longer supported by Yahoo but still works just fine. After installing the engine, install the unzipped WindWidget files (ignore the Mac files) in the My Widgets folder of your My Documents folder.  Create multiple widgets by opening that folder, duplicating the file and giving it a new name. 
    •  Mac: Just download and unzip the files. Get widget managing advice here: http://forums.macrumors. com/showthread.php?t=123351
  • Riley County Public Works: we monitor four wind turbines and two PV installations at this site 5 miles north of Manhattan.
  • KSU Engineering Rathbone roof: four PV panels, one Air Breeze wind turbine, an anemometer, windvane and pyranometer (records total solar irradiation) report their data here, also available for download. See links under "live data" on the left-hand toolbar.