Wind for Schools

The Wind for Schools program, supported by the DOE National Renewable Energy Center Laboratory, aims to help rural school districts install wind turbines for use in education, and to encourage incorporation of renewable energy education into the K-12 science curriculum.  Our goal is to install five turbines per year at rural schools throughout Kansas, and to provide assistance to schools in educating their students about renewable energy, especially wind power.


Five schools installed Southwest Windpower Skystream turbines in 2007-8, and another 5 in 2008-9.  In 2009-10 three turbines were installed; four turbines will be installed in Fall 2011 with support from USDA RBEG grants.  Many of our turbines report their data to our local WIND database. See the site map link above for names and addresses; see below for news on the next round.


New Wind for Schools Projects (2011-2012)

Ell-Saline installWant a small turbine for education?  The next round of WfS proposals is now open!  Proposals should be submitted to the WAC by 15 November.  We will select the top 5 schools and work with the schools and Westar to determine the best turbine. Westar Energy will provide most of the installation cost in this round. In addition, the Kansas State Energy Office will provide $1000 to each school.