Wind for Schools Applications 

We are not taking new applications at the moment, but let us know if you have interest in a wind turbine--or an anemometer and datalogger.


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A partnership of Midwest Energy, Inc., Colby Community College and Kansas State University, the High Plains Small Wind Test Center is one of four centers under subcontract from the US Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) to test wind turbines of up to 200 m2 to the AWEA Small Wind Standard, for certification by the Small Wind Certification Council.

Where are we?

The center is located one mile south and two miles west of Colby, Kansas, on Kansas State University agricultural land. With a mean wind speed at 50 m of 7 m/s and strong winds from north and south all year round, our site has the potential to complete duration testing in minimal time.

We expect to install our first two turbines in Fall of 2011. A complete test may take up to two years, but we hope to be able to complete most tests in the 6-month minimum time. If you are interested in having your turbine tested, please contact us.